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Meet Raven B. Varona...and the B is for bad a** (we're not actually sure what the B is for, but bad a** is fitting).

While you may not know her name, you definitely know her work!

Raven B. Varona, known across social media as Ravie B. is a highly sought after photographer. After quitting her 9-5 to pursue her passion of photography full time, she has become a go-to for many superstars (one scroll down her IG feed and it is easy to see why).

In an interview with The Hundreds, Raven says, 

“When you’re around people like LeBron or winners in general, it’s inspiring,” she says. “There’s a reason these people are in the position they’re in. It’s because they work really hard and they’re never not working. I just want to be around that energy. It’s inspiring and it gives me perspective of what kind of person I need to be to be the best in my field.”

It's safe to say that Raven is giving us all a perspective on what can happen when you retire fear and jump into your dreams. Needless to say, she is a Woman We're Watching!

Connect With Raven

Instagram: @ravieb

Twitter: @RavieB

Website: RavenBVarona.com

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