Samantha Callender

#WWW. We're watching Samantha Callender. Samantha is a driven twentysomething entertainment journalist. Always on deadline, her work has been featured on some of your favs such as Cosmo, Seventeen, VIBE,  The Source, The Root, JET, and USA Today name a few. 

Her work doesn't stop there! Samantha was a blogger for the popular millenial site, Her Agenda and formerly worked alongside beauty and lifestyle expert, Tai Beauchamp, where she created editorial content for 

In addition to editorial content, Samantha provides consulting services for those looking to expand their personal or professional brands.

Having recently graduated from Miami University in 2014, it is evident that this entertainment journalist is just getting started and we'll be watching every step of the way. 

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Twitter: @onyourcallender

Instagram: @onyourcallender

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