Dr. Crystal Jones

#WWW. We're watching Dr. Crytsal Jones. 

Dr. Crystal is known to many as a modern day "medicine woman." She serves to hold space for transformative processes. In birth, she holds space as a holistic doula. In healing, she serves as an intuitive chiropractic healer. In transitions, she serves as an agent for intentional manifestation.

Having been featured by Ebony and Blavity as 1/9 Black women pioneering the holistic health movement, it is evident that Dr. Jones is a woman to watch.

Catch Dr. Jones this weekend at our inaugural YouNeedTRIBE "Watch Ish Get Real" event facilitating the journaling workshop.

Connect with Crystal

Website: healwithcrystal.com

Twitter: healwthcrystal

Instagram: healwithcrystal