Asha Boston

#WWW. We're Watching Asha Boston.  Asha, is director and documentarian, most notably known for her movement The Dinner Table Doc. Tired of seeing fist fights and drink slinging being a prominent representation of black women in media, Boston created The Dinner Table documentary series to change the perception of Black Women in media (specifically in regards to reality tv). In addition to the documentary, they offer workshops on self esteem building and media literacy. She is currently in the works of her next documentary, A Time Before Kale which details the rise of gentrification in her home of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. This woman of power on the rise has been recognized by many and after even just a brief introduction, you can easily see why she is a woman we're watching!

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Instagram: @AshaKayB | @dinnertabledoc

Twitter: @AshaKayB | @dinnertabledoc

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