Surviving 2017's Cookouts in a Mindful Style

It’s mid-summer and the cookouts are in full swing! The music is loud and the vibes are great, but can we talk about the food? I know, I know … the chicken, pasta salad, ribs, burgers, and baked beans are all equally delicious. Yet, 2 plus plates and 2000 calories later - you’ve completely undone any progress you made during the week. There is nothing better than enjoying beautiful weather, and amazing food with friends and family, but let’s be mindful.


Simple Tips For Surviving The Cookout


1. Don’t be that person

We all know the person who always shows up empty handed. Don’t be that person. Bringing a dish makes you a great guest and gives you an opportunity to contribute something nutritious to the menu. You can never go wrong with a big fruit salad, veggie kabobs, or some turkey burgers for the grill. 

2. Hydrate

So you know those precious hours spent waiting for the food to finally come off the grill? Well, that would be a great time to keep water handy. Sipping on a few glasses of water before it's time to eat can help you feel full faster and eating less once the food is ready.

3. Pick your Poison

Why would we ever pile our plate with burgers, chicken, hot dogs AND ribs? (I say we because I’ve also been guilty). Pick your cookout favorite and enjoy it. Try filling the rest of your plate with healthier side items. The same food will be at the next cookout. I promise.


Follow these quick cookout survival rules and live to slay another day.