A Girl's Guide to Glitch Travel

We've all heard people talk about the amazing glitch fare's they've caught or seen Twitter erupt when there is a super cheap flight to some far off destination. Ever wondered how people find those flights? Never fear, TRIBE is here. 

Secret Flying

Airfare WatchDog  

The Thrifty Traveler

Fare Deal Alert

The Flight Deal  


Airfare Spot 

Each of these websites do the hard work of finding glitch fairs. They then send them to your inbox (if you sign up for their newsletter), tweet about them, and in some instances even go to GroupMe's. Glitch fairs can sometimes be hard to book as you often have to finagle your schedule to make them work. In addition, there may be a great deal but not from your city - meaning you've got to decide if the extra flight or effort to get to the departure city will be worth it. 

Nevertheless, glitch fares are God's gift to the millennial traveler. Go forth and frequently fly sis!