Doing Airports like a Caucasian

You're on your way to the airport. You're a little late. Your flight is supposed to leave in an hour. You check-in, drop off your checked luggage, and walk over to the security line - which is out the wazoo. Today, TSA has decided to move slow and now you're worried that you might not make your flight. 

Enter TSA Pre-Check, a program offered by the Transportation Security Administration that makes airport security EASY (as long you're not one of those people that holds up the line). How does Pre-Check do this you ask? 

If you're enrolled in TSA Pre-Check, you get an expedited security experience meaning that you can skip the long line, leave your shoes on, keep your computer in your bag, and walk right through the line. Right now, TSA Pre-Check isn't available in every airport across the US. But, if you live in or close to a major city and are a frequent domestic flyer, it is for sure worth the investment ($85).

Now, for my international mami's, you have got to get Global Entry. It's kind of like TSA Pre-Check on steroids. Global Entry is offered by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Organization and basically means that you won't have to stand in the long, slow, re-entry lines after that 10-hour international flight. With Global Entry, you have your own set of kiosks, where you scan your passport and have your customs information printed for you. You simply then give passport control that paper and you're all set. Global Entry also comes with TSA Pre-Check, so if you fly internationally often, and even if you don't currently but want to in the future, Global Entry might be worth more for you than Pre-Check ($100). 

Both Pre-Check and Global Entry require an online application, background check, and in-person interview. To start the process, just google Pre-Check or Global Entry and do the respective applications + pay the necessary fees. The respective agencies will then be in touch. 

And that's how you do airports...

 Source:  Tenor

Source: Tenor

Main Image Source: Oakland Airport