Watch Ish Get Real Video Re-Cap

WATCH ISH GET REAL! 2 weeks ago we took our community offline and hosted an intimate group of 25 women for sunrise yoga and guided journaling to close 2016 and greet 2017 with intention. Thank you to all the attendees and Open For Business, Dr. Crystal Jones of The Healers' Collective, Chloe Blackmon, DJ Mani, Appetize ATL, SheisACE, and Vanessa Taylor for making the event possible and/or capturing it! It was our first, but it won't be our last!

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12 Days of TRIBE Holiday Gift Guide

12 Days of TRIBE Holiday Gift Guide is our contribution to uplift, inspire, encourage, motivate, challenge, and support other women. This list was compiled solely through nominations from our TRIBE community!


For the girl who doesn't mind being boo'd up with a good book.

1. Avie's Dream: An Afro-Femenist Coloring Book

A young dreamer wanders through a personal mythology of women warriors, tropical flowers, and sea creatures. A radically introspective and interpersonal take on the usual coming-of-age tale, Avie firmly establishes her authorial role—and infuses ancient Greek lore, Renaissance scripts, and Hollywood blockbusters with images of afro-centricity and queer identity.

2. Elite Hoeism: The Manual
Elite Hoeism: The Manual is the intelligent woman’s guide to freedom and liberation. As women we often struggle to obtain total sexual freedom whilst maintaining the discretion and sophistication embedded in all of us. “The Manual” is a step-by-step instructional guide to balance. The author speaks in depth about the issues and “rules” single women are faced with and offers informative and tested solutions to these issues.


4. Her20Somethings - Zakiyrah Franklin
Her 20 SomeThings will walk you through the “quarter life crisis” and help you overcome it.

5. SEASONS: Musings on Life for the 20 Something Woman in Bloom - Lucy Dazilma
This book of essays is for the woman in her twenties, navigating life and trying to make sense of it all. I share with you lessons gleaned from experiences that have changed my life. I reveal to you my thoughts on topics that resonate with me on a daily basis. This book is for the woman who is still finding herself in the most authentic way possible. And hopefully, this book will be a guide for the woman whose goal is to be her most authentic self, while still in bloom.

6. "Woke” - Eryn Amel

A heartfelt book of poetry and prose dedicated to our journey in finding comfort in our femininity. This body of work is soft space to feel powerful in our vulnerability and in our right to nurture the Goddess in us all. “Woke” is the artistic acceptance of all things womanly and divine- from self love, daily affirmation and the power in setting your intentions higher.

For the natural veteran and a girl who may be new to the game.

7. Abeille Creations

Give life to art with hair wraps featuring paintings by Melissaa Mitchell.

8. AJA Naturals

Treat ya self to handmade vegan bath and body products.

9. The Wrap Life.

Get bold and creative with a hair wrap.

10. Shea Yeleen - Unrefined Shea Butter 

For the sanctified girl, who knows God made them cute.

 11. Royally Refined

Express your faith fashionably in Royally Refined apparel

12. Dope Wives Tee

Remind them you're a MRS. with a Dope Wives Tee.

13. Wake. Pray. Slay! Tee

For the girl boss who knows that leverage is a major key.

14. ColBro&Co - Affordable Creative Agency for Bloggers and Creatives

15. The Credit Woman - Turning Your Self Worth Into Your Net Worth | Wealth Building & More

16. Glitter + Hustle - Full Service Creative Agency for Creatives and Small Businesses

17. Kelley Raye // ATL - Lifestyle Photographer for girl bosses

18. QTax Services LLC - The Quintessence of Financial Services

19. Raven Chiara - Graphic Design . Creative Marketing . Social Media

20. Sacred Rebel - Brand + Visionary Development Studio

21. SheIsAce // ATL - Lifestyle & Event Photography

22. Tableof20 - Inspirational Networking Dining Experience

23. Women By Choice - Empowerment Coach 

For the diva of decor who knows what to do with a room.

24. The Copper Dust

Make your home tailored to you with bespoke handmade goods that fuses British and African culture.

For the girl who knows her black won't crack, but likes a skin regimen to step up her slay. 

25. Base Butter

Enhance your natural beauty for life with ONE all-natural, multi-purpose beauty product.

26. CleverEarth

CleverEarth proves that skin is manageable, you've just been using the wrong products.

27. FLESH // NY

Take a holistic approach to beauty with FLESH.

28. IWI Fresh // ATL

If you're one of those people who like to know it is what it is, enjoy a spa day at IWI Fresh

29. Katelynn & Adwoa

Support the hard working women of Ghana with homemade products created from fair trade shea butter.


rings and things.gif

For the girl who rocks necklaces and rings, bracelets and bangles, and all the cutest things. 

30. Adorned By Chi

Everyday is a good day to play dress up with Adorned By Chi's elegant, charming, quirky, and playful apparel and accessories.

31. Teespring

Grab a Coretta and Cardi B tee for the friend who is EVERY WOMAN and for those who understand we can't always Netflix and Chill - Ted Talk And Chill Tee

32. Links by J. Kiere

Custom made by J. Kiere, Links by J. Kiere provides carefully crafted and exquisitely handmade jewerly. 


Connect to the Motherland with one of a kind and culturally infused products.

34. New York Pretty

Jewelry from the city of dreams.

35. Peace Images Jewelry

Capture [HER]story through unique, handmade jewelry.

36. Pretty Mirror

To All The Pretty Women Working Long Nights and Early Mornings, with Big Dreams and an Even Bigger Faith - Pretty Mirror is for you. Shop this online boutique now.

37. Radical Dreams

Lapel pins with a message and a cause.

38. RoomVII

Feel COMPLETE and unique in RoomVII's curated selection of unique and exclusive pieces.

39. Unbossed and Unbought

For those with a willingness to unapologetically be, shop UBUB apparel. 

For the girl with a sweet tooth and a sweeter spirit. 

40. As American As Apple Pie

Make America great again with made to order apple pies.

41. Ellington Sweets

Ellington Sweets is an innovative, family owned Dessert Boutique specializing in custom wedding cakes, specialty cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

For the girl who did not come to play, the lowkey magician in the kitchen

42. Kitchenista 2016 Holiday Recipe Collection

Holiday ebook collection includes over **45 recipes** that will have you covered for the holiday season and beyond.

For the girls who create peace and protects her zen. 

43. Haremesque 

Luxury Candles with a haremesque scent.

44. Heal With Crystal // ATL  - Intuitive Body Work

Holding space for the beauty of transformative processes. 

45. Just Add Honey Tea

Lifestyle tea boutique that offers artisan full-leaf teas.

For the girl who knows hair is an accessory meant to be switched up. 

46. Latched + Hooked

Stress-free, pre-curled and looped, synthetic hair.

47. Luxurious Virgin Hair

 The name says it all.

For the girl who gives thoughtful gifts, things to remember.

48. Girls Going Global

Empowering girls through travel and cultural exchange. Donate a monetary token of love to help a GGG girl receive the following: International trinket, passport to the world cultural activity, partial passport funding, full passport funding or international trip activity.

49. Kashmiir..VIII

Original works and prints created exclusively by Kashmir Thompson.

50. Ronette Cox Design

Holiday cards and wrapping paper designed by graphic designer, Ronette Cox.




The U.S. Election Showed Us that It's a "Man's World", But it Doesn't Have to Be

It’s no surprise that men dominate the fitness industry. And with little to no clothing women wear in fitness competitions, it’s pretty obvious that much  of it is geared towards the male gaze. It’s difficult to be successful as a personal trainer and even more so as a female trainer. You have to know your craft, be business savvy, look good, have a great personality,  but you will also have to take criticism and shade from men.

Male clients want male trainers, because a woman can’t possibly work them hard enough. Trust me when I tell you I’ve busted some balls within the first five minutes of training some of these guys. Pretty embarrassing for them, especially because I knew that they didn’t take this 5-foot trainer seriously. And that’s all right; I thoroughly enjoyed inflicting pain (read: facilitating exercise) on any client that is willing to listen to me.

Since fitness is so male dominated, I often worked with mostly men. Some of these men didn’t value the opinions or input of women. Un-open to new ideas they couldn’t retain any of their female trainers, which make it difficult when female clients want a female trainer. And guess what gender trains the most?

As hard has it was trying to deal with all the testosterone, I learned a lot from them in how to run a business, be direct and straight-forward, and acquired a take no shit attitude. I do feel that women are very afraid of how people perceive us and we are afraid of being labeled as a bitch, but we need to get over that… Like NOW. We need to get these coins. A hard work ethic isn’t just for men; it’s not working like a man, it's just working hard.

With the recent results of the election, many women are probably feeling extremely discouraged. Not only are many white men racist, but also it seems that even our white female counterparts don’t like us either, and have placed priority on their whiteness rather than with their sisters. That just makes my head shake, and I will never truly understand it.

The important thing to take into consideration is that we have been dealing with this for years. Historically white males have been paid more than us, been hired for more jobs, make more money than us, etc. But why should we let that stop us? Why throw in the towel? We are no strangers to this discrimination and adversity. If anyone knows how hard we work it’s US!

We, women of color, have to work harder than white males and white women, and have been living that way forever. We don’t know anything else. Let’s take this time to band together.