Are You Thirsty?



"Drink more water."

I'm sure you've heard those words before, but are you actually getting enough?

Lets start by saying ... the idea that you should drink 8 glasses of water per day is a MYTH (most people require even more)! Your body is unique and has its own special way of letting you know when your water levels are low. Common signs of dehydration include: little or no urine, darker than normal urine, dry mouth, sleepiness, headache, confusion, and lightheadedness.

Once you notice these signs, you’re already dehydrated!


What Now?

Drinking water is definitely the best way to stay hydrated, but taking sips throughout the day can easily slip your busy mind. Don't worry! There are a few other ways to keep fluid levels high when on the go. Nearly 20% of our daily water intake can come from solid foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Thats right ... making the right food choices can help you stay hydrated too.


Cucumber (96.7%water)

  • Cucumbers are packed with water, making them a refreshing treat. Slice up a cucumber and pair it with hummus for a midday snack. Need something heavier? Try replacing your go-to lunch sandwich with these tasty tuna boats.


Iceberg lettuce (95.6% water)

  • Most salad greens have a pretty high water content, but iceberg lettuce definitely takes the "pitcher." Do you get turned off by the thought of salad every day? Well, theres many other ways to make use of lettuce. Start by replacing tortillas with lettuce wraps


Watermelon (91.5% water)

  • WATERmelon. It would make sense that this fruit is mostly water. I know you could never get tired of fresh watermelon, but if you need to switch things up - this watermelon lime slush is summer perfection!


Strawberry (91.0% water)

  • Not only are strawberries filled with nutrients, but their high water content cannot be ignored. Satisfy your sweet tooth and your thirst with a strawberry-based frozen yogurt


These hydrating foods can never replace water, but they're great additions to any thirst quenching routine.







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