Be Your Authentic Self On Social Media


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It's as simple as that.

Social media is the heartbeat of our culture today. People are using social media for fun and professionally. It's a way for people to share their life, post a resume, or even start up a business. The pressure is on when it comes to creating a presence online. The challenge that comes with that pressure is a trustworthy authentic presence. 

In an over saturated environment such as social media, what does it mean to be authentic? Let's look at authenticity. Authenticity is being transparent. Authenticity is being vulnerable. Authenticity is also showing the highs and the lows.  It's being true to yourself and the audience that you want. Your social visibility should be a representation of who you are and what you stand for. Don't be fake. Let's not catfish our followers with a false representation of what we want people to think about our lives. 

It can be difficult to put that type of authenticity on a platform for people to see and judge. Don't get on social media, telling your entire life story because that's not meant for everyone. Now if that's something that you want to do then, by all means, go ahead. Whatever you choose to do or however you choose to go about it, BE GENUINE

Let's at some ways that you can be AUTHENTIC on social media

1. Be clear on what you're using social media for. 

You're not going to always have everything figured out. However, it helps to know exactly what you are trying to do, who are you trying to target, and why. If you're using social media for personal reasons, just be yourself. If you are trying to convey this image of yourself that you know is not true, show the image that is true. There's a reason that you're trying to present that image: what is it, who is it for, and why. I am sure everyone will love you for who you are. For those who will have something to say or don't, there's a button by the name of BLOCK. Don't allow that negativity in your space.

If you're using social media for business reasons - maybe you're a blogger, business owner, or even an influencer - you definitely want to start with some idea of what, who, and why. Let's look at the roots of what you're doing it for then the type follower base you want, and why. Let that be your foundation. It can be easy to fall off course and follow trends but if you're going to follow a trend, be true to who you are and make sure it matches who you are and what you stand for. 

2. What's a relationship with no trust? 

Ever heard of the saying "a relationship without trust is nothing", that goes for your social media too. It's so important to build trust online, who's going to pay you any mind if they can't trust you? Your honesty can be relatable, people will gravitate to you for that. If you're a blogger or influencer, why work with companies or people who represent something that you don't believe in. If you're into fashion, your social media needs to represent that. You should be fashionable in your posts. If your niche is wellness, show us, and take us through how you exercise, cook a meal, or even the products you use. If you're on social media just for fun, show people who you are through your posts. You may love photography, let us get to know you and why you love photography. An audience is a group of REAL PEOPLE just like yourself. When you're being transparent and genuine, people will not only trust you but they'll believe in you as well. 

3. S H A M E L E S S

One of my favorite people on social media is the beautiful, Shameless Maya. Through a social media experiment, she shamelessly promoted herself on YouTube. From showcasing her skills to talking about personal issues in her life, Maya allowed people into her world. I have been a faithful follower of hers since the beginning, I would watch her videos and think to myself how I am too scared to put myself out there like that or even talk about personal issues online. I felt and feel like I know her personally, she's so transparent in the way she lives her life. Because she does that, Maya has a very authentic presence on social media. I'm sure it wasn't always easy for her to do, but because she did it, in my opinion, it allowed her to grow and learn more about herself. Maya's journey is very liberating and a declaration of how she was going to live a shameless life. 

So in the word's of Maya Washington, "Do you, be you, stay true, and BE SHAMELESS" 


We are all so different even though we share common interests or talents. Each and every one of us can bring our own uniqueness to social media. 

"Love who you are, be who you are, and don't be afraid to let your light shine" - Reca A'Shauntae

Share some of your tips on being your authentic self on social media.