The Hidden Dangers In Your Home!

With the movement into self-care and wellness, candles are a part of my self-care ritual. I'll turn off the lights and burn one to ease my mind and create a certain mellow vibe. I love candles so much that I've even gifted them to family and friends in the past (hello Bath and Body Works). But let me tell you guys, I made an astonishing discovery a couple of weeks ago. I stumbled upon the idea that candles are somehow ... dare I say it ... bad for you.


After doing a little research, I'm here to tell you that those candles that I'm sure we all love so much do, in fact, pose a health risk. Let me share why and some other sneaky dangers lurking in your home.

The Real Deal with Candles

Candles that are made with paraffin wax give off harmful chemicals when burned. These chemicals, specifically benzene and toluene, have been linked to cancer. Not to mention, the soot can also cause indoor air pollution. Unfortunately, paraffin wax is what most candles are made of! The good news is that soy-based and beeswax candles are better for you and the best alternative would be to switch to burning pure essential oils. Unlike candles, essential oils have mental health benefits. 

Read Those Ingredient Lists: Hand Soap and Body Wash

For those of us who are a natural, we are familiar with the news that parabens and sulfates may be harmful to our curly hair and health. You may avoid buying shampoo with them in it, do you look at your other stuff too? Did you think about how body wash and hand soap can contain sulfates too? After all, sulfates are what give these products that "sudsy" component. So, next time you're shopping for a new hand soap or body wash, make sure you take a look at that label. Choosing an alternative that doesn't contain parabens or sulfates may treat you better in the long run. 

Rethink that Laundry Detergent

Surprising or not, it turns out the laundry detergent that we grew up on is hazardous to our health. This is because scented detergents and dryer sheets emit more than 25 volatile organic compounds (VOCs). I know this one may be a tough one to let go. I have memories of being a child and sticking my head in the fresh, warm towns that just came out of the dryer (unbeknown to my lovely mother). Luckily, all it takes is a switch to a fragrance-free detergent. This article lists a couple. While I'll miss that sweet smell of Gain, I want a detergent that's going to love me back for the long term. 


Household Cleaner

So, we love a good, clean house. And I mean, since adulthood is upon us, we kind of have to. I mean, did your mama ever keep a dirty house? Did she make you sweep and spray the walls down every other Saturday until you were about 13 too? Cleanliness is next to Godliness, they say. But it turns out, those cleaning products had tons of harmful crap in them. As Fabolous said, "throw it in the [trash] bag." Trash your harmful cleaners and opt to get safer options at the store. The best alternative, however, would be to make your own. 


Your Personal Hygiene Items

This might be the hardest hazard to reveal. I hate to even include it, but I have to. Of all the easy switches I previously mentioned, this one may be the hardest to accept. Again, we grew up on Tampax, Always, or (if you're cheap like me) the store brand equivalent of products for when Aunt Flow is in town. But guess what? These items are TERRIBLE for your body. Pads and tampons actually hold toxic chemicals close to your most sensitive lady bits. Some pads contain chlorine. Fear not, organic pads and tampons are totally a thing. So, they're there, it's just a matter of breaking a cycle that you've followed since you were probably 15 years old. Everything you thought you knew is being uprooted - It's a lot like growing up if you think about it!

 Don't use anything down on your lady bits, or choose an organic option like this one. Taken from Honey Pot's blog Pink Salt. 

Don't use anything down on your lady bits, or choose an organic option like this one. Taken from Honey Pot's blog Pink Salt. 


And since I am on the subject, those feminine washes that some of us love to use, those are really bad for you too. And believe me, I'm guilty because I still have some Nature's Secret sitting in my room right now. Truthfully, you're NOT suppose to use ANYTHING to clean your vagina because it is a self cleaning bad mammajamma. So a little splish splash of water down there and you should be good. However, if you must have a little something (and I do understand), again, try a company that is organic and nontoxic like the one pictured above. I purchased her feminine wash, and even better, this company is owned by a black woman!


There you have it. Five items that you now know are bad for your health. I encourage you to see if you can switch them out and I'll be doing the same. 


Which ones do you think you'll switch from? Share in the comments below!