The Podcasts You Should Have In Rotation

If you’re not listening to at least one type of podcast, it’s definitely time that you catch up. Podcasts are one of the best digital trends out right now. From politics, natural hair, business, or even pop culture, there is one out there for you. Podcasts have become a form of expression especially for black Millennials making their mark in the digital world. I wanted to share with you some of my personal favorites that hopefully you add into the rotation.


The Read

via  The Read

You ever have those friends who are just blunt and even sometimes brutally honest but you love them at the same time? Meet Kid Fury and Crissle. What makes them so amazing is that they don’t hold back. From Hot Topics to their “Read” segment, this podcast leaving me trying to catch my breath from laughing so hard. These two are not only funny but outspoken as well and their energy bounces off of one another. These two personalities stand for a lot of things like Beyonce and Blackness but one thing they don’t stand for is BS.

The Friend Zone

“Your favorite podcast that explores all things mental wellness and mental hygiene, because who in the hell wants a musty brain?” The infamous tagline of the show. Meet your new friends, Fran, Dustin, and Assante. This podcast taps into informing conversations to even those uncomfortable topics in the community of color. These three will soon become your new extended family. Their show is full of triggering conversations, well well wellness tips, Mr. Musicman, and all things TvLand. The Friend Zone is a part of my weekly self-care regimen as I drink a Kale Smoothie and moisturize with my Shea Butter mix.

Gettin’ Grown

From our 20s to our 30s, adulting is real. “So drink water and moisturize because our black will crack if it's dry”. Meet the two sisters I wish I had, Jade and Keia. These two are helping me get it together through this thing called life. Being that I have no sisters and only brothers, their advice is relatable. Both are hardworking and most of all keeping it real each week during their Kitchen TableTalk, Petty Peeves, and Self-Care Lessons that we only listen to if it’s from our sister. Have a seat, grab some wine, and it’s time to have some sister time

My Taught You

From keeping our natural tresses snatched to entrepreneurship, Founder of CurlBox Myleik Teele is here to share her challenges and moments that came with achieving the success she has. Consider Myleik your entrepreneurial advisor as she opens up about her journey to making CurlBox a reality and sit downs with other professionals, she spills the tea on what it takes to make it all a reality.


Let us know what podcasts you listen to regularly!