Three Ways to Embrace Your Single Season

You’re in your early or mid-to-late twenties, and you’re bombarded with questions from family, or friends about when you’re going to settle down. Going to the family function as the only single cousin may be depressing at first glance, but, here’s the catch - it doesn't have to be. There’s absolutely nothing wrong or abnormal about your single season. In fact, you should fully embrace it while you can. 

Relationships shouldn't be taken lightly; you’re sharing the inner most parts of yourself with another human being and jumping into a relationship just for cute Instagram pictures is never the answer. Just because you’re single does not mean you need to be lonely. Here are three great ways to embrace your single season. 

1. Focus on YOU

This is the best time for self-reflection. Learn as much as you can about yourself during this time. Don’t waste this time in self-pity. Figure out all the things you love about yourself and the things you want to change. Take this time to work on bettering who yourself so that you may be ready for a partner when they do come into your life. It is important that you know how to give yourself love before you can give that same love to someone else. This is the best time to focus on you and your personal growth. 

2. Embrace Adventure

I’m sure you have a bucket list of things you want to do. Well, this is your time! Travel, go back to school, pick up a new hobby, write that book. Wherever your passions lie, now is the perfect time to give your all to them. You’re single, so you don't have to take anyone else’s emotions or opinions into consideration. This is your time to do exactly what your heart desires and not have to answer to anyone. 

3. Love Yourself

It sounds cliche, but if you’re in your single season, then it is probably for a reason. Are you truly ready for a relationship? Relationships are work and before you can dedicate yourself to that work you need to first work on yourself. Being single does not mean you have to feel lonely. However, you should take this alone time to get to know who you are and nurture the areas of your life that need work. 

Take your single season and intentionally embrace this alone time. Don’t spend it waiting on the right person to coming into your life but instead PREPARE yourself. Your single season is not a burden or a time in between to wait. It’s a time to live your best life.