Declutter Your Life, Declutter Your Mind

Life has a funny way of making things happen - both good and bad.

So at the time that I am writing this article, two personal developments are taking place. One, I've cleaned out my room to get rid of stuff I really don't need, and two, I've recently lost my cell phone so I am in the process of getting a new one. These two actions have definitely supported my idea of "declutter your life, declutter your mind," and I will gladly share with you how. 

Firstly, I dedicated a large part of my day to cleaning up my room, when for anyone else, this would be an every day occurrence. However, to know me is to know that I am a huge pack rat. That song "Bag Lady" by Erykah Badu could have easily been written about me. This is because, it's not just my room, I'll carry a lot of objects in my purse too. I like holding on to many different things just in case (like you know, receipts from a year ago).

I have so much stuff that I hate cleaning my room. My excuse is that I don't have room for every little thing that I own, but the real problem is that I just have too much stuff. Because of this, amongst friends I am notorious for having a messy living space. But today, I take a stand and say not anymore. There are only so many times you can share your bed with a pile of clothes until you say enough is enough ...

 Movie  Clueless  released by Paramount Pictures 

Movie Clueless released by Paramount Pictures 

So after I cleaned my room, something wonderful happened. Have you ever cleaned up your room and then ... you just feel so at peace? It's like the physical space that you have carved out clears the metaphysical space in your mind. Or how suddenly clearing off your desk makes you feel more motivated to get work done. I believe that decluttering our physical spaces by getting rid of old things creates an uplifting feeling in our spirit. It's like a fine tuning or an internal sigh of relief. You just feel it. 

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Now we all know that Ms. Badu wasn't just talking about the physical objects that we tote around. She was talking about that internal baggage we tote around too. Which brings me to the significance of my cell phone situation. Since I lost my cell phone (and there's no way of getting it back), I thought about some of the memories that that cell phone contained that I really don't need to hold onto anymore. 

For starters, that cell phone contained a couple of text threads from dead relationships. Sometimes we can still harbor photos of ex-boos or ex-friends. We even scroll past their contact information and say to ourselves, "I really need to delete his/ her number." But then we make the excuse, "oh, I'm going to keep it, but just never use it." If any of this applies to you, listen sis, don't do like me and wait until you lose your phone to clear the junk from that thing! Delete that thread or number! Delete them from social media accounts if you have to. Let it go and be free. Because the thing I've realized about being passive, is that one day you'll eventually feel the burden. 

Our actions subconsciously have power over our mind. We can be carrying all this baggage and our shoulder is hurting, but we get used to the feeling. We go numb. We think, "oh, I need a bigger room, or a bigger purse." We are walking around with this hurt shoulder and not consciously realizing that we can relieve ourselves by freeing up some space and carrying less stuff. We carry certain things in our hearts and in our minds, not realizing that we can dump them out like spoiled milk. 

Just like my junky room holding onto stuff that no longer serves me, this same metaphor manifests in our lives if we let it. We can hold onto people, relationships, friendships, and situations that no longer serve us! 

So simplify your life. Living a simplier life reintroduces peace and clarity into our being. 

Do you have some items or people that you need to get rid of in your life to bring you some clarity? Share in the comments below how you plan to "clean up"!