How To Start Your Morning With Intention

It’s no secret that many of us are not morning people. I don’t just mean that you wake up cranky, but when it is actually a task to get yourself out of bed in the mornings. Before you know it you’re hitting the snooze for the third time and then rushing out of the door. 

The way you start your day has a major impact on the way the rest of your day plays out. Have you ever began your day with a great shower, breakfast, and left the house on time? Then realize at the end of the day how great you felt. That’s because the way you spent your morning set your intentions for the day. There are a few ways you can begin your mornings by setting your intentions to ensure your days are running smoothly. 

First, setting intentions requires aligning your thoughts and actions with the outcome that you seek. You can’t hope your day runs smoothly by constantly expecting something to ruin your day. 


1. Journaling: If you’re a writer, journaling your thoughts and aspirations come quickly to you. However, even if writing isn’t your greatest skill, getting all of your thoughts out on paper helps put some many things in perspective. Working through your feelings is a key way to matching your intentions with action. Journaling is known to reduce stress, and help with anxiety and depression. Taking the time to review your goals and aspirations in the morning help you assess where you are and what steps you need to take next. 

2. Stretching/Workout: If you have the time, fit in a quick 15-20 minute stretch or workout routine. A quick method helps wake your body up and prepare you for the day. During your routine stretching take the time to center your thoughts, relax your mind, and focus solely on your body in motion. 

3. Prayer/Devotion: If you’re a religious or spiritual person, it’s important to spend time in faith. When you nourish your spirituality and connection with God, you’re intentionally feeding your spiritual relationship. Use this time to set your intentions spiritually so that your actions throughout the day will be in alignment with those beliefs. 

4. Meditation: Being still in the morning is the perfect way to become self-aware. Self-awareness is key to living an intentional lifestyle. Take the time in the morning to be still, set your intentions, and allow yourself to release any negativity before you start your day. When this becomes a part of your routine setting, your intention will come easily. 

Develop a morning routine of healthy habits and watch how your life begins to shift. The way you begin your morning sets the tone for your entire day. Perhaps you can even start by simply setting your attentions on Sunday’s before the week even starts. How do you get ready in the morning?