Are You Not Entertained?!

I remember my last weeks of classes like they was yesterday. Juggling my job, constantly re-writing my final thesis paper, preparing for my oral defense, freelancing my videography skills and trying not to fail my ridiculous data analysis course forced me to daydream about my future: ah, post-grad. The excitement I felt when I thought about the fact that I had no solidified plans was supplemented with the exhilaration I get from relaxing.

I graduated in four years, magna cum laude with distinction. I definitely deserve to enjoy myself before I stress myself out about “adulting” in any capacity. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

I’ve been trying to make the most of my post-grad summer, so I have compiled a list of miscellaneous things that keep my fearful feelings about the future at bay and my heart smiling:

Sex and the City

I am definitely late on the Sex and the City train, I know, but I totally understand the hype now! It has been incredibly freeing to watch these women experience life, sex and relationships. I’ve been coerced to question life the way that Carrie Bradshaw does and honestly, it keeps life interesting. SATC feels like a safe place to explore my thoughts on relationships, sex and my career. That exploration causes me to feel like I’m always growing.


The ‘Ultimate R&B’ Playlist on Apple Music

If you have Apple Music, do not sleep! This playlist is me, in playlist form. It’s all I’ve been listening to. It’s “re-paint your bedroom” music. It’s “riding in the car with the windows down” music. It’s nothing but bops. Whoever curates this playlist is the love of my life. *Turns up music*

Going for a Drive

I’d be lying if I said that moving back in with my parents has been all sunshine and rainbows. I recently discovered a new aspect of my self-care regimen: leaving the premises. Sometimes I need to get away from the strong energies in my household, so I go for a drive and spend some quality time with myself in new scenery. I recently drove up to a park/trail by my house and sat in my car, eating Popeyes and reading as people bustled around me. It cured the writer’s block I was feeling and soothed my mind.

Planning a Trip

What’s a post-grad summer without a trip somewhere new? The rush I felt buying my plane tickets to LA without knowing the details of my stay was insane. What started as foolish banter has turned into a full-blown week-long vacation with my friends. In my mind, traveling with your friends is what adult life should be all about. (Okay, it’s what a lot of adult life should be about.)

 Yellow Tail Sangria Blanco

Let me put you on game: this sangria is the move for summer. It’s sweet, refreshing and very inexpensive. I can guarantee there will be at least four bottles at every single one of my family gatherings. It has created a new bond with the women in my family, on both my mom’s and dad’s side. It is just that good, and the perfect companion for everything on this list except for driving (of course).

Is post-grad life treating you well or are you looking for entertainment to keep adulting at bay? Let us know in the comments!