The Real Value in Supporting Each Other's Dreams

Last week I went to the Kendrick Lamar concert for his DAMN Tour and a revelation came over me before Kung Fu Kenny even hit the stage. I was watching Dram's performance, who was the first opening act, when I felt compelled to tweet out, "I'm out here supporting these menz dreamz." Then, almost like I had foreshadowed it, Dram stopped the music to say that he had always dreamed of performing on a stage like the one at the Infinite Energy Center. In that moment, I felt my presence magnified in a crowd of probably 100 plus people. 

Going to the concert was a nice reminder that we all have dreams, each and every one of us, and it really does take people supporting us to make our dreams come true. How would a store stay open without customers? How would a graphic designer stay in commission if he didn't have projects to work on? How would an author have the motivation to keep on writing books with no readers? In so many ways, we are all connected when you really think about it. I think sometimes we can take for granted the affect we have in the world when it's so easy to feel so small. 

Know that your dreams matter, no matter where you come from or what you've been through. And if you work hard enough and never give up, they are attainable. I'm sure Kendrick can attest to this. Kendrick has worked really hard and made a lot of money in the process. He has a super loyal fanbase and he still gets emotional with all the support that we give him. During the interludes of his performance, he explained how we, his fans, made it possible for him to get up there on stage and do what he do. It’s been well documented since the start of the tour last week how emotional the TDE artist can get during performances over the outpouring of love. Like a synergy, it seems that we give Kendrick the motivation that he needs to share his gift with us, while he in turn blesses us with his immense lyrical and visionary talent. 

Know that the moment that someone takes a chance on us is the moment that our dreams really come alive. Just like how Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith discovered and signed Kendrick, thus propelling him to stardom. 

 Photo taken from Helena Oliviero with the Atlanta Journal Constitution 

Photo taken from Helena Oliviero with the Atlanta Journal Constitution 

And when we buy artists' music or concert tickets, it's not about doling out money so that they can live a lavish lifestyle, even though it may seem like it sometimes. When we buy, it's the very act of saying, "I appreciate what you bring to the world so much that I'm going to support you."

Moreover, looking back at the contributions my parents have made for me over my lifetime signals to me that they have done the same thing! For years, parents pay for their children's education through primary and secondary schooling. For some people, their parents have paid their way through college, or in my own case, taken out loans for their kids to go and get the education they need to make a difference in the world. And that's because they believe that they really will make a difference one day. 

By reading this, I want you to know that you are supporting my dream of getting my voice out into the world. To whoever is reading this, you matter to me! I'm sure the founder of YouNeedTRIBE feels the exact same way about the people that come onto this website. So it is my hope that we all continue to support each other's dreams. 

So what are some ways you support other people to live out their dreams? Let us know in the comments below!




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