Living in the Light: How to Let Your Inner Light Shine

The other day I had someone stop me and say, “Hey, you look great! What are you doing differently because you are glowing!” I stopped a minute to think about it. There was no real change in my routine that I could attest to this noticeable glow, nor was there any highlight on my face. That glow was all me and I can only attribute it to being in a better mental space than I previously had been after a really trying year. 

After some tumultuous relationships and throwing a pity party for myself everyday, I decided to take back control of my life. I didn't notice the change in my demeanor, but someone else certainly did. I think others definitely notice when we’re up or when we're down. And when we are up, we have a different pep in our step. We talk different. Sometimes, people notice a certain natural glow – one that can only come from deep within us. When we are filled with unspeakable joy, it shows all over our face. I believe we all have this light within us, but sometimes it gets difficult for our light to really shine through. When life’s troubles get the best of us, it dims our individual light. This is what happened to me after a really rough year.

Luckily, I have found that our light never really extinguishes like a fire, even in hard times. We can rekindle the fire in us. It just takes work and patience. So which path would we rather choose, living in the light or living in darkness?

Living in the light means that we are not stagnant; we choose joy; and that we still live in peace amid suffering. Like good sis Jill Scott describes in her song “Golden,” it’s living in freedom by being confident in who you are and what you’re about.

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When your light shines, everything is illuminated in its path.

There are many ways to let our light shine. So, here are some different habits that we can form so that we can live in the light. 

Self-Healing and Positive Affirmations

Living in the light starts with your mind. I know it's hard sometimes, but you have to choose happiness, positivity and focus on the best that life has to offer. There really is an abundance of positive energy that the universe has to offer. 

Choosing Joy and Positivity

Life will certainly throw hurdles your way, but you have the power to jump through them. Always remember to stay positive. I know it's easier said than done, but when a bad thought surfaces in your mind, focus on one good thing that recently happened (or two). If it helps, remember that things could be worse, but as long as you have life and breathe in your body, and people who truly love and adore you, then you have everything you need to be happy.

Smile and Laugh More

Whenever I'm in a depressive mood, the last thing that I want to do is smile or laugh. But even when I feel down, it is precisely the time that I need to smile and laugh the most.

Literally Get Out in the Sunshine

I can't talk about living in the light without mentioning how fantastic it is to actually leave the house, leave your cell phone at home, and just get some fresh air. Often times, getting out alleviates your mood with a change to a bright environment. 

Helping Others

Sometimes it's not just what we do for ourselves, but what we do for others that makes us feel really good. Other people will definitely see and feel your light in this regard. You can help others in a variety of ways, including volunteering, paying it forward or random acts of kindness. 

Through Your Talents

Do what you love and your line will definitely shine. There is a certain innate, good-feeling that we get when we are following our passions. Our passions can be our purpose. They go hand in hand. So, do not be afraid to really go after it and share your talents with the world. 

Following Higher Consciousness Activities

Activities like meditation and yoga not only focus on the mind, but also focus on higher vibrations of peace, love, understanding, and mindfulness. 

How do you let your inner light shine? Share with us in the comments below.