3 Ways To Enhance Your Scheduling Skills

There are thousands of ways to manage your schedule these days in the digital world. Most of us, wear many hats and have several obligations and responsibilities on any given day. Whether you’re in school, running a start-up, planning trips, or all of the above, at some point you’ve probably run into an issue keeping up with your schedule and deadlines. The good thing is that you’ve got options. From planners, Google calendars, Apple reminders, and white boards, there’s a plethora of ways to get your scheduling game up, stay on track with those deadlines, and win in the game of time management and scheduling. 

Culturally, in a time where just about every aspect of productivity revolves around how well you manage your schedule. However, there’s no one way to excel in this department. So how do you navigate your schedule using multiple tools and enhance your productivity?



1. Take 20-30 minutes on Sunday night to plan out your week.

At the beginning of the week take a look at what deadlines, meetings, and upcoming events you have for that week. Write these events out on a paper calendar to give yourself a visual of what your time blocks look like for the week. The visual will help you put your weekly events in perspective and writing them down also helps with memory. After this is complete, feel free to add them to your Google or Apple calendar. 

2. Make reminders for due dates, projects, and small errands. 

In any case, by now you have a smart phone (if not, girl catch up ASAP). iPhones have a lovely reminder tool that gives you the ability to set a date and time to receive a reminder for a task, or you can even set it by location. This tool is beneficial when it comes to handling the small things in your schedule like picking up groceries, dropping something by the mailing office, or even responding to an important email. 

3. Block out time for self-care, and say no when your schedule is full. 

Please also set that reminder for self-care. Taking care of yourself amidst all of your responsibilities is just as important.  Scheduling in self-care time almost guarantees you’ll make time for yourself and will keep you sane. Also, remember to say "no" when your schedule is full. If you look at your calendar at the beginning of the week and see it’s jam packed know that you might have to say "no" if something else comes up. In the end, know that it will be okay.

Managing your already overwhelming schedule does not have to be a troublesome task. There are ample tools at your fingertips, start implementing them into your routine, and you’ll be able to manage your schedule like a pro.