Best Tools for Grad School

During undergrad, our biggest responsibilities involve getting clicker points and not missing organization meetings. For those who chose to attend graduate school, the pressure increases. Many grad students have to balance a career, hobbies and creative passions while chasing a second or third degree.

There are plenty pieces of advice for how to manage school. Whether you attend online, on-campus, or abroad, students are advised to "manage their time wisely and remain organized." This cliché advice may be true, but it is also obvious and boring. Students want tips that will make their life easier. They also want to save their coins. These tools will revive your GPA and bank account.

Passion Planner

I discovered the Passion Planner on Instagram. For $30, you receive an undated (dated options are available) planner that allows you to set intentions, write yearly goals and plan your day by every half hour. Get it here.


Get rid of those PowerPoints. Prezi is an online tool of templates designated to make school and work presentations more creative. These templates have animations, text box shapes and scenic themes. With a Prezi account, students have a full portfolio of all recent projects. Next semester, impress your professor and engage your classmates with half of the effort.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

In undergrad, I had a heavy HP laptop that would wreak havoc on my back while walking to class. When I got a wireless keyboard, I was able to connect it to my iPad to complete assignments and take class notes. It also doesn't weigh more than a pound, so it lightened the load in my backpack. Lastly, it was my saving grace when my laptop eventually crashed during finals week.

Microsoft Word App

The Microsoft Word app is available on iPhone and iPad. The app comes with the majority of tools that you can find with the desktop software, and the layout does not change when viewed on different devices. Have you ever made the mistake of leaving your laptop or charger at home? Download the app, complete your assignment, then e-mail the document to yourself. Next, save the attachment from the e-mail to your iCloud drive. Your document is now saved so you can print it once you reach your computer.

What are your favorite tools to ease the grad school struggles? Let us know!