The Perfect Guide to Zen

Depending on one's spirituality and beliefs, meditation is like prayer for a lot of us. Some people have to do it everyday as a part of their self-care routine. Others tap into their spirituality when they are in need of a breakthrough or boost in faith.

Me? I do both. I read my devotional and pray before I meditate in the morning, and I pray after I meditate at night. Learning how to meditate was a process, and I was my own teacher. You probably are hesitant to practice mindfulness because you simply don't know what to do. You've come up with a myriad of excuses as to why you don't need to connect to the universe.

This question and answer guide will save you a 30-minute Google search. I am not a medical doctor or specialist, I am just advising simple practices to help my TRIBE take a "time-out."

Do I have to sit for hours on end?

Not at all. Meditation, like prayer, can last for as long as you see fit. It's fine to close your eyes, say an affirmation, take a deep breath and return to work, class, etc.

Do I have to cross my legs and chant?

Absolutely not. Feel free to lie down, sit in a chair or stretch in your favorite yoga pose. Chanting is optional, and can be replaced with a quote or mantra. You can also do mudras, or hand gestures, that will help release emotions and physical sensations. Check out astrologer Danielle Ayoka's Instagram for mudra tips.

Do I have to clear my mind and not think at all?

Nope. The purpose of mindfulness is to understand that it is important for thoughts and emotions to surface so that you can process and release. Those are the keys to healing. Think of your thoughts as clouds in the sky. Can you do anything to change them? If not, let the cloud pass.

What if I fall asleep?

If you notice that regular meditation makes you drowsy, opt out of morning meditation. Instead, make sure your room is dark and quiet before bedtime. Falling asleep during meditation is normal, and has amazing sleep benefits.

Is there an app for that?

There are plenty, sis. The apps Headspace, Aura, Calm and Pacifica are great for beginners.

Implementing meditation into my daily routine has increased my confidence, awareness and positive outlook on the world. I wish the same for my TRIBE. Namaste.