Preparing for A Lit Road Trip

There are two ways to truly get to know someone:

  1. Live with them.
  2. Travel with them.

Although it's fun to watch the stamps add up in your passport, it can also be beneficial to travel nationally. Sometimes a 3-6 hour road trip can expose a culture you have yet to experience.

When traveling with friends, it is guaranteed that one friend will always be hungry, another will be a picky eater and someone else will complain about how much everything costs. These tips will ensure that the #TRIBEGOALS remain strong, and everyone gets to and from the destination in one piece.

Find the right TRIBE.

You can't vibe with everybody, and everybody can't come. That's the harsh truth. Explore new cities with women who value taking risks and spreading positive energy. You don't want to return from a trip feeling drained. Vacations should enhance your mindset and recharge your spirit. Go back to school or work Monday knowing you were actually able to break.

Bring snacks!

You never drive on E, so don't let your body run empty either. It's tempting to pick up the Sprite, hot Cheetos and Snickers bars. Opt for Brownie Brittle and Kettle chips instead. Same crunch and sweetness, with more than half of the sugar and calories.

Curate a playlist.

My friends can count on me to DJ every function. There's a playlist for every mood. As always, you can listen to our Tribe Jams on Soundcloud. Also, Rick Ross and Big Sean have the best albums of the year so far. I'm just sayin'. Ride in style, not silence.




Double-check your packing list and hit the road, sis. Wishing you and your TRIBE safe travels and life-changing experiences.