To YouNeedTRIBE: A Word of Love and Gratitude

Dear YouNeedTRIBE,

I'm so glad I found you. Thank you for preserving my authentic voice. Thank you for giving this woman of color a platform. I don't feel like a missing piece to the puzzle. We ARE the puzzle.

Whenever we have #TRIBECHATS, when I read our content and when I think about this community .. .I get emotional. The tools that my TRIBE has given me are insurmountable. So, thank you for ... 


No matter how long a creative has worked on their craft, the feeling of having your content shared never changes. It is an uplifting, yet humbling experience when likeminded women support you.


It's so important to check on your sisters. I love when I receive a message asking, "You ok, sis?" Three simple words remind me why I e-mailed Maura Chanz for this opportunity. I admire her for sharing her talents and expertise with us. I'm honored to be a part of this journey that will not end soon.


I used to contribute to sites just to be productive while finding my niche. Now, I'm forced to level up the hustle, drive and focus. I know the worth of my content. I also know the beauty of collaboration. Alone, I do not have all of the answers. Together, our TRIBE lacks nothing.


Whenever we post an article, when we participate in #TRIBECHATS and when we link up at events, we are walking in our purpose. No matter the city or state, it doesn't stop us from feeling connected. No matter the role we play in this community, we have purpose.

Even as a writer, it's hard to express my internal feelings in words. If my heart had a voice, she would say there was no other home for content.

If my heart had a voice, she would pen her own word of gratitude,

If m heart had a voice, she would say everyone needs TRIBE.