What Your Lipstick Color Says About You

If you're like me than you immediately migrate into a state of bliss at first step into a Sephora store. I find pure pleasure out of finding a new lipstick even though I have enough to wear a different color each day of the week (make that two weeks). From matte, to semi-matte, to sheen and satin finishes ... I love them all! But let me ask you, when shopping for a new perfect pout have ever you thought about what your lipstick shade says about you? Color energy is a silent messenger, so I chose four lipstick shade categories to shine a little light on what your favorite lipstick is saying about you when you wear it.

Natural Nudes
Nude lipstick shades particularly those in the brownish category denote masculine energy. Nudes shades draw less attention to the mouth. So sorry ladies, definitely stay away from the nudes for date night. Now on the other hand nudes are appropriate when you want to draw more attention to your eyes because you did a killer job on your smoke eye makeup or even for a job interview (depending on your profession) when you want a "no makeup" makeup look. 

Pretty Pinks
Blissful loving kindness radiate from pink lips. Pink embodies a passive and romantic energy. When you wear your favorite pink lipstick those who you encounter are at ease around you and can feel a sense of trust. Pink is a divine shade to wear on your wedding day!

Hot Reds
Passion, power, and confidence say it all when your pout is candy coated in shades of red. This color is intense and determined. It has the power to provoke one to take action or the complete opposite causing one to stop or refrain. If your favorite lipstick is a shade of red then you darling are fierce and unstoppable.

Royal Purples
Berrylicious purple shades reflect royalty, luxury, and a little mystery. Fit for a queen with the wisdom and strength of a goddess. Wearing lipstick shades in this color category tells others you are a woman of dignity, power, and class. 

There's multiple factors (at least for me) that go into choosing the lip shade I'll wear for the day, like what I'm wearing and where I'm going. Now the silent story I want to tell with my lips through color energy is also a contributor. If you're looking for a new story to tell check out Gold Label Cosmetics where you'll find long-lasting beautiful lip shades to match your mood and personality. 


Shay Hampton

Shay Hampton is the Founder of Pretti Yoga, inspiring a lifestyle of holistic health, strength, and beauty. "Dream Big, Do Yoga, & Wear Red Lipstick." @prettiyogi