Wake Up Your Savage When Dating In 2017

In this day and age, dating can be a whirlpool of miscommunication, lack of patience, and true compatible value. You either hit it off really well with someone or for some it just seems like a constant cycle of Mr. Wrongs that can't get it right. If your life has more emphasis on the second option, there's a few signs to possibly look for. This is not just in others, but for yourself as well because ultimately you are what you attract. 

       1. Are you ready ? Have you handled and healed from past wounds of relationships? Are you at least in the space to be mentally and physically open and intimate with someone without looking for that person in the past, or for someone to fill a void that is a personal issue? Needless to say that the future Mr. Right can be the person to help you grow and learn more about yourself. But sis, when you know you're using someone ... tell yourself the truth. 

      2. Peep and be peeped. Don't waste your time even giving out your number just to not be bored, lonely, for status, etc. If you're only entertaining him/her because he's entertaining you and you have no intentions of being serious ... you're wrong for that! What goes around comes around. Don't play around because you were played around with. Self-love, care, and attention are needed in order for you to become more conscious of those who can't match the effort you should be able to give yourself. If they don't amplify any vibrations that you already have set for yourself, there's really no point.

P.S. If he / she constantly makes excuses , gives you the run around or only hit you up around a certain time ... it's dead. You'll know when you feel it, sis. 

3. Beware of people who like "projects" , and becoming one. Though this is a stereotypical thing to say, some people are attracted to the "project" types. This meaning, they find admiration in those who are going through some form of hardship (ie. you just got dumped, your lifestyle isn't the best, you have dreams that they want to "help" fulfill). These relationships can be long term, however, very conditional and toxic due to the fact that one person stops being fulfilled by the other eventually. To avoid the attraction of a problematic, unsolicited, time-wasting sugar daddies/mommas, refer to tip two. 

4. Protect your magic, love.  There is nothing you can do for anyone if you don't have what you need to have together.  There are plenty of people who admire the idea of you, but aren't ready for you. There's also the ones that see the light and want it for themselves, and for you to be drained. Beware of the moths and leeches. Don't give too much away too soon. Make sure the spiritually, mentally ,and emotionally you all are on the same level of understanding and respect. Love yourself as much as you want to be loved! 

5. Patience. Good things come to those who are proactive, and patient. A watched cake never bakes. Don't devote your "me" time for preparing for your partner, persay. Use your "me" time to explore everything that you are, so that when that special someone does come along, you'll be able to share that same feeling with them. 

How has dating in 2017 been for you so far? Let us know in the comments!