Making the Most of Your Morning Commute

When I was commuting for long distances (about an hour and a half each day), I began to see myself wondering: was it worth it? Was my drive to my job really worth the one and a half hour I was losing each day? I brainstormed the tasks I could have completed in an hour and a half. I will admit I had to commit to feeling productive in my morning commute. It’s more convenient to put on your favorite track. It’s more meaningful to dedicate yourself to making the most of those hours driving, riding or walking to work each day. Detailed below are a few strategies to explore when looking to add meaning in what might appear to be a meaningless drive.


Work in Progress: A podcast that brings meaning and identity to everyday work. Some of listeners' favorites include “Hidden Lines of Sight”, “Becoming Santa for Life” and “Going with the Flow”. Each podcast has a dose of witty humor that might just help put into perspective the work-life challenges we all face.

Ayurveda and Vedic Living: A glimpse inside the ancient indian approach to non-traditional medicine and lifestyle. Why is this great? It’s a new perspective that adheres to using the energy around us to harness our health.

Lore: Only listen if you are deeply fascinated by unusual places. Lore attempts to highlight tragic events in unusual places through its deeply mesmerizing stories. “Teachers Pet” explores commonality in a less-complex world.


Sounds so easy, yet some of us find positive self-talk challenging. When you have a long commute, self-talk is one of the most positive treats you can give yourself. Give yourself praise for the day ahead. Shed light on your morning routine - did you wake up with a positive attitude? What could you have done differently? Self-talk affects the subconscious mind so if you find the saying: “You are what you believe” to be true, then the more positive self-talk you gift yourself, the more you will believe yourself. Practice self-talk for 15 minutes to work and as you approach home. Reflect on these moments before bed. Do you feel differently?

Finger Taps

Finger taps are a mindfulness technique used to bring attention to your fingers and hands. Simply place your thumb to each finger, one at a time. As you slowly tap your thumb and individual finger together, repeat mindfulness words such as, “I am now feeling my hand” or “I can feel my fingertips.” Simple words such as these bring attention to the environment around and the simple touch of a fingertip.


This is a broad activity that can be done during your morning commute. Have an upcoming presentation? Maybe you like to practice your upcoming conversation with a client. Rehearse how he or she might respond to your inclinations. Be honest and practice being bold. Who cares if you look silly!


Take the chance to command your morning commutes and make the best of it each morning. Share with us any techniques that find to be beneficial in the comments below!