Waiting For My Soulmate: 7 Ways For How I Will Identify Him

I have a beautiful smile, gorgeous eyes, fit body, and an alluring personality, so of course I have a man. Wrong! I am single, and have been for the last six years. Single by choice because I believe in the value and divine gift of being in relationship with a man whose life journey has divinely prepared him for me and me for him ... my soulmate.

To some dating is just having a good time; Others say it's enjoying life because you're young and single. It's what you are supposed to do because how else will you meet someone to spend the rest of your life with? But, I have no interest in that approach to love and companionship. I'm not saying it may not be fun and adventurous to the person partaking in the casual dating lifestyle, and I'm not saying I have not done this in the past myself. I'm just saying that I now have a passion and interest in having more, and anything less is a waste of my valuable time.

I am social but extremely cautious and mindful about what I expose my heart and body to. You see, I believe in the power of energy and our ability to co-create with the Universe and manifest our BEST LIFE. So for the last six years instead of filling my space and contaminating my energy with blockage that could interfere with my destiny, I have left room for one divine purposeful relationship. A destiny that involves me being joined by the hand with my soulmate, my Mr. Dream, the man God has chosen for me. I know he's out there. Here are the ways for how I will identify him and why he's so worth waiting for:

He Captivates Me
From first look, I am mesmerized; there is light in his eyes, and passion in his smile. I'm far from shallow but looks and presentation are very important to me. So this soulmate of mine, oh, he knows how to put it together, with the confidence and grace of a true gentlemen. 

He Radiates Light
Have you ever been face to face with a man whose mere presence speaks volumes about his character, his drive, and his direction in life? My soulmate is this man; he has a demeanor that warrants respect and a vibrating energy of success that affects everyone around him. 

He Sees the Beauty of My Heart
My soulmate sees my outer beauty and it more than likely was the first attraction he had toward me but it won't be my outer beauty that wins his heart. He will be drawn to the divine beauty within me, desire to feel the warmth of my spirit on a daily and bask in a beauty that is just as attractive to him now as it will be when I am 60.

He Is My Judgement Free Zone
With my soulmate I am at complete ease and can be my whole self; I can share my inner secrets, doubts, fears, dreams, and goals and never worry about being judged.

He Is My Lifestyle Twin
Being with my soulmate will sometimes be like having a male version of myself as my best friend. He just gets me. He understands the way I think, and the things I do. Why? Because our day to day routine, goals, and life purpose are aligned and complimenting to one another.

He Is My Safety Net
As a woman who did not grow up with my father present, my soulmate desires to give me what I never had; a trust and knowing that there is someone around who is stronger than me, to protect me, to guide me, and affirm me when I am weak. 

He Desires To Invest In Me
My soulmate is truly my #1 Fan. He believes in me when I don't believe in myself. He invests his time and energy into helping me fulfill my dreams; guiding me and lending a helping hand when he can. He desires to see me succeed because ultimately he knows that my success is a reflection of his success. 

"You'll be too much woman for every man until you meet your soulmate." - r.h.Sin