The Woman In The Mirror

The alarm has sounded. You sit up and place both feet down on the floor, then stand and begin to place one foot in front of the other making your way to the bathroom. Your hand finds the light switch, lift your head and there she is: you. If you are blessed with the gift of life each day you experience this series of events or something similar. 

Now think about the experience you had with you this morning. What was the first thought that came to your mind when you looked at you for the first time today? Unfiltered, hair not done, no lipstick, no color correcting eye concealer, no push up bra, no heels, no designer bag - just you. I can tell you my first thought from this very moment today, I thought to myself "I can." Not just I can, but I can and I will. 

Now trust me, it's not that I didn't look like how the average woman looks when she first wakes up in the morning. There was no power blazer or on fleek anything that empowered me to feel this way; it was just my inner knowing and spirit that I reacted to at first sight of my reflection. With daily active consciousness I choose to see deeper than the surface level of my appearance. When I look into my own eyes, my reflection tells me that I can and I will conquer anything this day brings my way. And it's not that my appearance is not important to me because it is. It's just that in the past I spent many years focusing on perfecting the outer layers of me and not enough thought and active energy into connecting with my true identity. 

Today, no matter what I'm looking like when I look in the mirror I strive to see me for who I really am: a divine creation who is not a product of her makeup, her clothing, her job title, or her number of social media followers. The woman in the mirror I see is a reflection of truth, love, and light. The woman I see is powerful, persistent, and passionate; her smile uplifts, and her touch heals. This woman who at her first look in the morning could definitely benefit from the use of a curling iron, some highlighting blush, and a popping lip gloss before she leaves the house is most importantly a life changer. 

Affirm your identity truth daily with this Mirror Reflection Affirmation Mantra: 

I am Love, I am Light
I give Love, I give Light
I receive Love, I receive Light