Baby Got Back

J Lo has one, Beyoncé has one, and Kim K's changed the game, so why do I still sometimes have a complex about mine? Maybe it's because I've had one since like the third grade, combined with being differentiated from the other Shays in high school as Shay with the BIG booty; to now being a yoga instructor which stereotypically comes with a personification of skinny, long, and limber. And even though most women I come in contact with envy it, and want theirs to look like mine, I have to really ask myself why for so many years did I not like the fact that I had plump round gluteus maximus muscles. 

It's not the fact that my butt sits up high, looks perfectly round in skirts and dresses, and don't let me put on a pair of leggings. It's not those things at all because those are actually not bad things. I've realized it was deeper than that. It was a mental and sometimes an emotional insecurity that needs constant healing and perception awareness. 

I suffered from self-esteem issues as a teen and sometimes would literally lock myself in a closet to not face the world because of how I looked. I hated my hair most of the time. I thought my nose was too big, my teeth too crooked, my eyes too round, my thighs too thick, my feet too big, my waistline too wide, and my breasts too small. It seems to be that at some point in my life I've not liked every part of me. As I am writing this I'm realizing how saddened by my own thoughts and perception of myself that I must of made the one who created me. If God made me in His glorious image then what's not to love? If my body is 100% functioning at optimal ability with no physical disabilities than how about a little gratitude. 

Gratitude and self-love are definitely my now approach to how I view myself and my body image. As a yogi, I've gained an enlightened appreciation for my body and all of its capabilities; most importantly I strive to love who I am internally because the external is and will continuously change with time. My body is ultimately a vessel of greatness, created with great design enabling me to show up in the world and deliver with purpose and passion. So yes, now I proudly say, "Baby's got back, and I'm loving it!"

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