Meditation Podcasts for "Om on The Go"

Picture it. Atlanta, 2011. Fall has arrived & a new semester at Georgia State University is underway. The air is crisp & the leaves are crunchy underneath my new favorite boots. For some reason, I thought it would be a great idea to add on a completely new major just as I was beginning my junior year of college. As you can imagine, as the semester went on, my stress began to build and my anxiety was growing out of control. One morning, in particular, I was freaking out about an upcoming exam and out of sheer desperation, I headed to my campus Counseling Center. Unfortunately, the counselor was booked for weeks in advance so they suggested that I spend some time in the meditation room down the hall. At first, I’m rolling my eyes because in my head I’m thinking “I don’t wanna meditate … I need to get better today!”. But, despite my initial reservations, I went into the meditation room, sat down in that super comfy chair, & I have never been the same since!

Meditation has legit changed my life, girl. It’s so much more than sitting with my legs crossed & eyes closed while chanting “om” a million times. It is an opportunity for me to step out of my chaotic life & even out of the chaos within myself and just exist. Pulling myself out of the whirlwind of life gives me a chance to decompress after a long day, sort out issues that are bothering me, & check in with myself. Though I love the power of meditation & the clarity it brings to my life, I have to admit that it isn’t the easiest thing to incorporate into my daily schedule. As women, we juggle so many responsibilities & often have very little time to spare for ourselves. Trust me, I know that struggle. I have been searching high & low for a way to meditate that doesn’t take hours but still gives me the benefits of a full meditation session. What’s the answer, you ask? Podcasts, my friend, podcasts!

I LOVE podcasts. I listen to entrepreneurial ones, comedy ones, & yes even meditation podcasts, too! Here are three of my favorite meditation podcasts & why I love them (I’m sure you will, too!). All of the podcasts below can be found on iTunes. 

**Since meditation can cause a meditative state of consciousness, I highly advise you not to listen to these while driving or operating machinery. Instead, I prefer to listen to them while cooking, in the shower, or just before bed.**

The Meditation Oasis Podcast

This podcast has been blessing listeners like myself for over 10 years! With episodes like "Relax Into Healing" and "Morning Energy Guided Meditation", you are bound to find an episode to fit your needs. For those of you who don't know, guided meditations are meditation sessions where the trained provider guides you into, through, & out of the mediation. They guide you with imagery, sounds, music, etc. Guided meditations are my favorite because it takes the guess work out of what I should be thinking & I get to focus solely on what I want to get out of the session. I swear by sleep guided meditations for sleep. Those episodes have helped me when I battled with insomnia & racing thoughts!

The Meditation Podcast

Jesse & Jeane Stern have been guiding listeners into meditation for over 10 years! They have some of the most soothing music, I've ever listened to. The "Self-Acceptance" episode is a favorite of mine, along with the morning meditation called "Wake Up"

Hay House Meditations

This podcast is unique because each and every episode is lead by a new person. The episodes are lead amazing authors & health leaders like Dr. Christiane Northup, Deepak Chopra, & even Iyanla Vanzant (don't we all need her to fix our lives??). With over 100 episodes, you are bound to find an episode or two that you love! 

If you are looking to start a meditation practice or rejuvenate one that has fallen off, these podcasts are the perfect place to start! You don't need any fancy equipment, incense, or burning sage (though I am fond of incense, sage, or a favorite candle). All you need is your 100% focus & an intention that you'd like to set for your meditation session. Happy meditating!

Let us know in the comments below if you listened to any of the podcasts above, what your thoughts were, and spill the tea on your favorite meditation tools!