How to Create Your Bedroom Oasis

Take a minimalist outlook when creating a bedroom oasis. At the end of the day, your bedroom is a space to relax, read a book or enjoy 10 minutes of Shavasana. Your oasis is special and personal, and there is no right way to create and design your bedroom. It takes some fiddling, rearranging and conceptualizing. 

  • Declutter, declutter (and declutter more)

This is the simplest way to create an oasis. It’s simple: make a list of essential items you, as the primary sleeper, feel you need in your bedroom. As you begin to redesign, rethink about what’s necessary and what you have hangin’ around your bedroom that simply takes up space. In my experience, it's helpful to take pictures of your things. As you review the photos, circle what’s important and put an ‘x’ through items that you could stand to donate, give away or throw away.

  • Make your bedroom dark + quiet

The typical mentality with bedrooms may be to lighten up rather than darken. However, studies show that you’re more relaxed in a setting when there’s a dark essence (even during the day). Quiet? Well that can be hard to do. Having a television in your room sounds pleasant, but is a distraction that can lead to over stimulation before bed. Consider removing the television from your room and leave little electronics that can cause persistent noise.

  • Add a wind chime

Or a peaceful sound making machine! Wind chimes are not restricted to the outdoors. Etsy has handmade wind chimes for all decor preferences. Wind chimes are soothing and usually very quiet sound makers. They can be visually pleasing. For some, the calming noise replaces the clatter of the television and rather than producing an adverse effect, a wind chime can be a calming chime before bed.

  • Invest in a hanging plant

This is a must-have and come in a variety of styles! Plants circulate oxygen, which is great for you as you transform your space into an oasis. Choose one that fits your fancy and save space by hanging it by the window. Some air plants change color depending on the temperature. Other plants, like cacti, are prickly and can be hung from a high ceiling. For the mossy lover out there, check out these hanging moss designs.

  • Soft lighting - Moroccan style

Soft lighting is KEY. If you are able to darken your room, adding a bit of light (soft light, at that) will help soften the vibe. I suggest a Morrocan style light and usually consists of small holes by which light escapes. It’s an Arabian night for your oasis! Other soft lighting options dim, fades or appears opaque.