You Need to Transition: The Real World After University

 Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

“Step back in perspective, open your heart and welcome transition into a new phase of life.” – George Stigler

I know that you are afraid at this moment in your life. It’s great but at the same time upsetting that your college career has come to a screeching halt. The real world of landlords knocking at your door, electrical and gas companies demanding payment, gas gauges inching towards E, and my own personal favorite, the challenge of finding a job that is both enjoyable and profitable, has arrived in this moment. In the absence of parental guidance and college advisers you are on your own to map out the course of your life. It’s overwhelming, I know, to feel so responsible at this moment and knowing that decisions you make thus far will only affect you.

Running away from responsibilities doesn't make them disappear.They'll just sit waiting, piling up.

During this time you will doubt the decisions you make, and fear that you made the wrong ones. And that's okay, that's life. However, we (the TRIBE) are here to help you transition smoothly. 

Understand that everything is different beyond college gates. 

You are now one of the elite few that have to compete against others who have similar educational experience. There will only be a select few of counterparts who will be willing to assist you on your journey. Know that everyone is not your friend and you must find valuable and reliable individuals; men or women, who will empower you to be great and help you navigate this thing we call life. 

Professors and emails reminding you of deadlines are nonexistent at this point. You have to be organized and responsible in order to be successful in anything that you do. Hand holding will not happen here. If you're like myself coming from an Historically Black College or University (#1 Spelman College) be aware that camaraderie is a dime a dozen. You will encounter people who dislike you, want to compete against you, and was taught a little differently from you. Now, what are you going to do about that?

Don't lose yourself. 

So many times I have come in contact with my once vibrant friends who now, after leaving their college community, seem hollow--unattached to self. They've fallen victim to an indifferent work environment where they feel that they aren't purposeful. They've neglected the time that they allotted to themselves in exchange to work in a draining environment. I don't won't you to be those friends.

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It is with great hope that you choose a career that helps to define you as a person. Yes, I'm aware that you'd spent 4+ years at an institution(s) that was suppose to help you with this definition but, many times, we lose our purpose to monetary aspirations. Money doesn't equate to happiness ( what a cliche`). So here's what you have to do. 

  1. Take time for yourself. During those times, search deeply in your person to determine where it really is you want to be. Don't let anyone interfere with that time. 
  2. Find great mentors and friends. Surround yourself with individuals who will make you a better person. You never want to surround yourself with anyone who doesn't see how great you can be. 
  3. Be responsible, set goals, and make the right decisions. I know, you're used to rubrics and syllabuses but those won't be found here. You will feel in control once you have successfully accomplished a task. 
  4. Have fun. Life is too short to spend it fretting over "the afters". Those that are most successful knows how to balance work and personal life. Have fun in everything that you do. 

These are just a few short tips on navigating life after university. I and the women beside me want to see you be great, defy odds, and accomplish any and all of your goals. Don't be afraid to take a chance. Relax, life is not that hard. 

Besos mi amor.