What To Do When You Feel Stagnant

When I was a junior in college, I relaunched my old blog to document my journey with depression and anxiety. However, after graduation I felt that the blog did not serve a purpose anymore. My plan was to live with my mom until I found a job and saved enough money. As we all know, things never go as planned. By July, I was still unemployed and living off of the last of my graduation money. Sitting at home everyday only enabled the depression and anxiety I had been working so tirelessly to heal.

My 'wake-up call' came after my best friend invited me to a week-long summer camp to counsel foster children. I did not want to admit it at the time, but having a friend who pushed me to get off of my butt and add fuel to my potential is what I desperately needed. Since then, I have hit the ground running. 

If you ever find yourself stuck, employed or not, I encourage you to try these tips:

Do community service.

Getting involved in your community allows you to focus on what is right in your life, instead of what is going wrong. We learn from our surroundings before we ever step foot into a classroom or workplace. Donate to a food drive, hand out blankets, or tutor kids in your neighborhood.

Support a small business. 

There are plenty of young creatives and other entrepreneurs who are looking to build their team. No matter your field of study, everyone needs an engineer, an artist, or an assistant. Aside from staying busy, this opportunity will also help you meet new people. Staying connected is the best strategy to keep from remaining stagnant.

Recognize the importance of your situation.

It's true when they say, "What's for you will never miss you." We are often not given opportunities because we simply just were not meant to have them. Being unemployed showed me that I had to nurture my mental and physical health before I could go into the 'real world.' Be easy on yourself. Reminisce on how much you have accomplished.

I'm grateful for my 'broke and living at home phase', because I learned so much about myself and I'm definitely not the same person I was when I turned my tassel in May. My wish for you is that you see your growth as well. Flourish, queens!

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