Social Media Manifesting

Since you're always on that phoneyou may as well start using it to get what you want! Didn't think of Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook as a means of manifesting, huh? Well, it can be a thing! Using platforms especially Twitter or Tumblr as a form of journaling is not to be confused with airing your dirty laundry, but as a tool for goal setting, inspiration, and  holding yourself accountable. This can aid in the process of making things happen for yourself because speaking things into existence is a huge factor in attaining the blessings you're working towards. Having people like or retweet your words can boost confidence and also act as a means of repetition. Remember when ya mama used to make you write one sentence over and over again as an act of discipline? Well looks like mama knew best once again! 

As far as using pictures, Tumblr has personally been a great tool to use as a space to create an online vision board. You can also use your "likes" tab on Twitter for this same deal. Seeing your goals, visions, desires, over and over again serves as a reminder for you, and hopefully keeps you focused on being aligned to what you want. Using your social media for this purpose will also help you in becoming aquatinted with likeminded people who find interests in what you post and talk about. Nowadays this can really be a big factor in getting a job and creating opportunities as people are looking for connections. A lot of things happen nowadays because of he said she said and who knows who.  You can even use your favorite trap song lyric as a person mantra. Andre 3000 said himself that he feels most powerful when he's doing his art (music). 

Put me anywhere on God’s green earth, I’ll triple my worth...- Jay-Z

Social media can introduce you to endless possibilities when it comes to your goals and networking possibilities. Take the time to build your online persona and let your thoughts out. You're only one click away from logging in and letting your dreams begin to come to life. Don't forget to have fun manifesting! 

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