How To Eat Like a Minimalist

Minimalism, according to The Minimalists, is a “tool that can assist in finding freedom”. It means living more with less. In today’s discussion, we indulge in living more with less food.

Our fridges and pantries are FULL of items. We tend to over shop, which leads to this notion that we must eat everything we've purchased. As a globe, we tend to be wasteful. According to Feeding America, it’s estimated that Americans waste up to 70 billion pounds of food per year.

When I lived in Japan, my mom walked to the store daily. In Asian cultures, it's very common to go to the store each day, pick up the freshest vegetables, meats and fish, head home and store food in a small pint-sized fridge. In our society, we shop big - big in quantity and big in money. Consider switching to a minimalistic diet, similar to Asian cultures where food is eaten sparingly and less waste is accumulated each year.

  • What you should have in your fridge at all times

I shop often. When I shop, I buy a few items at a time and try avoid what I refer to as “overcrowding of the fridge”. Here are a few items I always have in my fridge: cage-free eggs, turkey bacon, apples, one condiment (pick your favorite), lemon juice, chives (or one fresh herb, ghee, rice and protein (pick your favorite). These simple ingredients are can be mixed, molded and curated into simple dishes. Anything more than this will overcrowd the fridge. 

  • Simple Breakfast

Ghee and white rice mixed together make a great, simple breakfast. While it may not sound like breakfast, it fits the minimalistic approach to eating. Eat simple foods of simple colors without the glam. Have a bowl of bone broth with carrots and celery if you don't mind a savory flavor. Drink warm or lukewarm water each morning to light your digestive fire.

  • Simple Lunch

Lunch is a great opportunity to be creative. According to Ayruveda (a non-traditional and holistic approach to life), lunch should be the largest meal of the day, allowing for your body to fully digest. Curried green beans and kidney beans are the perfect mix of protein and greens. I'm a big fan of curry sauces. They're pre-made with only a few ingredients you can pronounce. Here are a few of my favorites: Madras Curry, Tikka Masala and Frontier Curry Powder.

  • Simple Dinner

While it's nice to play around with dinner meals, they don't have to be decked out with bells and whistles. I refer to a simple dinner as one including three items (a protein, a vegetable and a healthy sauce). Simmer and boil dinner foods instead of following a fancy recipe such as boiling broccoli and adding a hint of lemon. Simmer salmon with a teaspoon of pepper and Himalayan sea salt. There, all done!

It’s possible to eat like a minimalist. Start slow and give yourself a break. In a culture where we are subjected to large portions and hundreds of brands of food, it’s challenging to narrow your food focus.