Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Many people sit and daydream wishing they could be apart of something bigger, or even just in a position to receive better overall.  There's one main thing that could be stopping you. It's your vibe, sis.  What better time could there be to give yourself  (and your circle ) a reality check ? No better time than the first month of the year! Ask yourself: 

 1. What can I do now without having the necessary resources to reach my goals?

2.  Are my thoughts conducive to what I am trying to manifest? 

3. Am I surrounding/ attracting the right people to keep me aligned with my goals? 

Questions two and three ironically are the answer to the first one. All your thoughts are simply prayers and acts of procreation. Besides rearranging the feng shui in your brain, you also need to rearrange your company and energy. If you ever notice that the people you give the most attention to and spend time with are mirrors of you. If you don't particularly like what you see, it's not just them; it's you too. Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a good vibe to attract your right tribe, and it takes the right tribe to keep you growing and going in life. Having a tribe eliminates the white noise of life, and it just makes life easier to go through.  Even if you can't see the bright side of things sometimes, or you're at a standstill in life, you always have positive thoughts and an uplifting tribe.  

Some actions you can take in order to align with your tribe can be done simply doing things you do everyday, but just on a more conscious level. 

  1. Be aware of who you follow/post/ retweet on your social media. Be aware of your bio and pictures you post. 
  2. If you’re a college student , go to socially interactive things hosted by the university. Try to be apart of an organization or club and be as active as possible !
  3. Be friendly. Knowing a friend of a friend and being open minded can easily form a new bond and take you farther than you think! Connections are everything. 
  4. Stay true to yourself. Get to know yourself. We are always on a journey of self discovery and the universe will always be aligning you with soul mates along the way! 

There's always going to be people in your life. Build yourself a tribe of lovers, supporters, and go-getters like you!