How to Ditch Your Makeup Routine

Let’s face it ... wearing makeup is a choice. We often forget that make-up is not a requirement of your job, daily routine or college course. It’s unfortunately a routine some of us have come to obsess over. While makeup packaging floods landfills and chemicals creep into the latest products, some question just how safe makeup is. Phthalates are found in makeup products. Those chemicals can be responsible for the disruption of hormone creation. Lead is another sneaky chemical making its way into beauty products. It’s carefully disguised, as are many other harmful chemicals. So whether you want to go makeup free because of its chemical content, its impact on the environment or simply because it’s o’ natural, here are a few tips and tricks to get you started:

  • Organize

It may sound contrary to the position of weaning yourself off of your makeup routine, but the truth is: how can you make change if you don’t know what you’re working with? Dump out your makeup bag onto a clean counter surface. Put all the liners in one pile, all the lipsticks in another and so on. Look at what you have. Is it sheer volume that comprises your makeup collection? Are there duplicates of every product or is it just a few items that are still a part of your everyday? Evaluate. Then, and don’t lose me here, organize your makeup bag. Notice how much volume each product is. Carefully consider the space.

  • Make a list & check it twice

Lists are wonderful and can help put into perspective how much (or how little) you own. Take all your makeup (including nail polish, ladies) and lay it out on the counter. Make a list of everything in your makeup bag. Pay particular attention to items that exceed duplicates. Highlight items YOU feel are particularly necessary to own. Be honest with yourself. Don’t highlight something just because.

  • Start slow

Make a goal for yourself each week. Slowly take away one makeup item each week. Week one can be as simple as eyeshadow or even lip gloss. As time progresses, continue to remove one makeup item from your routine. By week six, see if you can go one full day makeup free.  Reflect on the changes in your face, mind, body and soul. Are you noticing that you feel different about yourself? Keep a small notepad by your mirror in the morning to jot down a few observations. Those will come in handy later as you look back at your makeup free journey.

  • Practice

This one is fun! Practice not wearing makeup at all on the weekends. Go out for a girls night...without makeup. Take a few selfies...without makeup. Become comfortable with looking at yourself in the mirror without makeup. You originally began practicing with applying makeup, so to break the habit you must re teach yourself to not apply makeup.

  • Find a role model (and look up to her/him)

I'm not necessarily referring to a celebrity. A role model can be someone in your life, your community, your family or your network that abstains from makeup. Ask them for their tips and tricks or use them as a mentor. It may sound silly but when it comes to confidence (and becoming makeup free), it's a good idea to find someone who inspires the confidence you wish to see in yourself.

Going completely makeup free is challenging. I'm a work in progress myself. I do know that it can be done. When you commit, you'll find it becomes easier.