Take Care of You: 10 Ways to Practice Self-Care Today

Often times we feel guilty or selfish when focusing solely on ourselves. Especially when we have others depending on us like a spouse, children, relatives, and friends. Why is self-care important? In the words of my best friend, “Self-care is not the absence of loving others. Rather, it is making sure not to neglect yourself in the process. No one can pour from an empty well.” Not sure where to start? Here are a few ways you can start taking care of yourself today.

  1. Identify things that make your heart smile, and do them often!

    Think of all the things that make your heart smile and write them down. Make an effort to do as many of these things for yourself as often as possible.” 

  2. Play your favorite upbeat song and sing & dance like nobody’s watching--in the mirror.

    Turn on and upbeat tune and give yourself a show. Lip sync for your life or shout the lyrics boldly. Let go and have fun!
  3. Take yourself on a “Me, Myself, & I” date.

    Take yourself to the movies, get dressed up and go to a nice restaurant, go walk around in the park. Whatever you choose to do, TREAT YO SELF!
  4. Complete a DIY project.

    Stop pinning projects and actually DO THEM! Pick a simple (complex if you’re up for it) Pinterest DIY project and get to it!
  5. Watch one of your favorite childhood movies.

    Whether it’s a Disney classic, something from the 80s, or a black & white western - sit back, relax, and watch.
  6. Catch up with an old friend who you haven’t seen or talked to recently.

    Life can get hectic and busy and you can look up and it’s been a month since you’ve talked to one of your good friends. I know that whether it’s been five days or five weeks, I can pick up the phone and call my friends and we’ll chat it up like it hasn’t been a while since our last conversation. 
  7. Pin positive affirmations where you can see them.

    Wherever you’re spending the most time, that’s where you should pin positive affirmations for yourself. In your room, in your car, on your phone. Post them where you will SEE them!
  8. Take a bubble bath complete with candles and music.

    No explanation needed. Added bonus if you add a glass of wine. :P
  9. Say no with no explanation.

    Don’t feel like going out with that certain someone tonight? Say no. Don’t feel like doing that favor or two? Say no. Not really in the mood to babysit tonight? Say no, and mean it. Added bonus if you don’t include a “sorry”. It’s not selfish, you‘re taking care of you.
  10. Unplug for an hour, or two.

    In the age of social media, it’s easy to spend hours browsing different profiles on different platforms, comparing lives and reading gossip. Sometimes the bad news, political debates, and internet trolls become a bit much. It’s okay to unplug for an hour or two, or maybe even a day or two. Clear your mind, regroup, purge your friends lists if you need to. 

Remember, self-care is the best care and it isn’t selfish at all. Take care of you.