I Moved to a New Country & It Wasn't For Me

I’ve talked extensively on YouNeedTribe about how moving away from home  was extremely difficult for me, more so that it wasn’t on my terms and when I was necessarily ready. Nonetheless, I made the jump and I moved to the Bahamas in the Fall of 2015 and decided to move again in the Winter of 2016.


Prior to my move I knew that finding a job would be difficult, but I didn’t realize that landing one despite my skills would be next to impossible or cost me nearly 10k a year. I knew almost immediately that island life was not for me. I’m from one of the best cities in the world after all, home to Full House, The Golden Gate Bridge, Ghirardelli Square and Cable Cars. Why would I ever want to leave anyways ; )


As much as paradise, pink sands and aqua green water was beautiful, it was not the paradise I may have expected or looked forward to.  I had my battles with it and kept trying to convince myself that I would end up liking it and I did for a little bit. I had a good set of friends and  a freelancing and blogging routine. But it was not enough.


The ocean, weather, calm life wasn’t motivating enough for me to settle there.  I took the year and was extremely grateful for the opportunity to live there, as I was able to have somewhat of a sabbatical (this is why I needed it), be in a new place and make new friends. Moving to the Bahamas in your 20’s is not something many people can say they have done. 


I craved the hustle and bustle of the city, which was my oasis.  So I decided to move again: to London. I got a lot of grief and judgment for my first move, from people who really should mind their own business. That’s the thing about life … people love giving their opinions about things that they shouldn’t. And I don’t really care if you won’t let your daughter move to a new country with her boyfriend. I'ma do what I want.



Living on an island allowed me to rest, create my writing portfolio, explore new career options but it was limiting me. I needed to be somewhere bigger with more opportunity. I was tired of trying to stick it out. I think part of me was afraid of what people would say. Oh you’re moving again?! I told you not to move. Which is why I didn’t tell many people about my move to London. My life is exactly what it is … MY life. I no longer feel the need to report to people about what I’m doing with my life.


Sometimes in life you have to take risks. The game of life is basically that. You enter new life situations like a job, relationship, new living situation and you never really know what you are going to get. This was a huge gamble for me. I left all of my friends and my family, closed my business and I moved somewhere that I knew no one.


 It was a test of  character  for me. Am I able to succeed somewhere else? And girl lemme tell you, It was NOT easy.  I know my life can seem glamorous on the 'gram, but realizing what is for me and what is not  was peaceful for me. 


 Oxford Street Lights

Oxford Street Lights


I was happy with my decision to leave island life, I felt like I did what I needed to do and it was time to move on to the next chapter. It’s ok to make decisions and then realize that it isn’t for you, because you can learn from anything. I would much rather have this experience than to be that girl who never left the city she was born and raised in, because she was afraid to fail or not like it. Because guess what? You can always just leave, and it doesn’t matter what people think or say, because chances are they haven’t done it either, or are too scared to get out of their comfort zone.