17 Apps To Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

With a New Year comes a fresh slate to make the next 365 days your best year yet! Whether you got a new phone (or computer) for the holidays or cleaning out your current one until that upgrade for "new year, new me" vibes, below are the 17 apps (mobile and desktop) I deem essential for success in 2017! Don't agree with my list, comment your must-haves below.

1. Freedom

$29/annually or $7 month-to-month

It's ironic that I would start a list of must have apps with an app that in fact blocks other applications, but...

In an effort to consume less and create more, I set out to find an app that blocked me from my kryptonite, social media (read: twitter). I came across Freedom, which in short, "makes technology less distracting."

Did you know: you lose 23 minutes every time you check email, a social feed, or respond to a notification? Your mind requires 23 minutes of re-focus time to get back on task.

Time is money, how much money are we giving up with tech distractions?

2. BrandCam

Is personal branding one of your New Years Resolutions? Need a quick way to watermark or add your logo to content on the go - there's an app for that: BrandCam

3. Slack

Free, Standard - $8/monthly, Plus - $15/monthly

Since its inception, the TRIBE team has grown exponentially in a little under 6 months! Cheers to that. With plans for continued growth and an almost 20 person team (contributors included) as of Jan 2017, efficient team communication IS CRUCIAL.

Slack is the GroupMe for grown-up business! Integrate apps, share documents, brainstorm and more with your team all in one place!

4. My Scans

Free, Pro - $4.00/ one-time fee

With any business, there is paperwork! Whether I forgot to sign and scan a contract while home or I needed a PDF version of a hand held file, My Scans has come through!

My Scans is a document scanner app for your phone allowing you to sign, stamp, OCR, PDF, Email, and send to Print!

The next 3 applications should be first, because

5. Bible, Our Daily Bread


Honestly, these two (there are only 17 slots and these can go hand in hand) apps need no explanation.

Read, watch, and listen to the Bible any and everywhere.

Our Daily Bread features a daily devotional, encouraging people to spend time with God every day. Each Daily Devotional features an audio version if this is something you’d like to listen to while getting ready in the morning.

Note: I am a Christian and believe that even if you do not believe the Bible to be true from a religious standpoint, it offers great parables for navigating life. However, I have friends of a wide range of faiths and want to offer apps that could be substituted in place of the Bible. 

Al-Quran and PocketTorah

6. Start Your Day Right


Best-selling author, Joyce Meyer assists you in Starting Your Day Right with the word of God. Although this app is similar in nature to Our Daily Bread, I have them both because this has more of an explanation/prayer component while Our Daily Bread centers a daily story. The three apps combined are my Morning Trinity and help me to start my day with God at the helm.

Now that you are in alignment with the spirit, in the words of Young M.A.'s bros, "get that money, sis."

7. Respective Banking App


From banking alerts to mobile deposits and bill payments, your respective mobile banking app is essential. You should never not know what’s going on with your coin!

8. Digit


So you know how much coin you have at all times...now let it pile up.

Synched directly to your bank account, Digit is an app that recommends a savings contribution based on your existing spending patterns. Set an automatic savings feature, and let Digit take the thought out of saving!

9. Mint


You ever cringe before you open your mobile banking app because you don’t know what to expect? This one is for you.

Mint makes money mastering a breeze by allowing you track and pay your bills, create and manage a budget, track investments and more.

10. Square Cash


Make running you your check convenient with Square Cash App.

Square is a peer to peer payment app. Linked directly to your checking account, Square allows you to send and receive payment regardless of who you bank with. Babysitting and a family forgot cash? Forgot your card at home? Splitting the tab at a restaurant? Just Square Cash it.

Deposit received money directly into your account for a minimal fee or if you have a day to spare, deposit for no charge at all.

11. Paypal


Similar to Square Cash, Paypal allows you to send and receive mobile payments on the go, but it is more business friendly. Whether you’re doing some online shopping or running a small business from your phone, Paypal is there for it all!

12. Honey (Desktop App)


Honey isn’t a mobile app, but I just think it’s that cool that it needed to be added to the list.

Honey is for my online shoppers who never want to miss a coupon (who doesn’t like coupons?) Install this browser extension on your computer and be notified of all the active deals and or coupon codes from some of your favorite online shopping destinations - everything from Sephora to Groupon (yes, they have coupons to buy coupons).

On to travel,

13. Respective Airline App


If you are already an avid traveler and/or are trying to rack up your air miles, your preferred airline app is a MUST.

Take the hassle out of Check-in,  purchasing/changing flights and more with airline apps.

You made it to your destination, now it’s time to “do it for the gram.”

14. Instagram


No need for a description here. Instagram is still king and now that you can stream live and show a play by play of your day, Snapchat, and other video streaming apps aren’t needed.

15. VSCO


VSCO is recognized by creatives, specifically photographers as a “community for expression that empowers people everywhere to create, discover, and connect,” read: edit your pictures and make them look more gram worthy than the average iPhoto snap. Brighten, distort, add cool filters, VSCO is guaranteed to take your photographs to new dimensions.

I will close this list with two things that get me through my day: 

16. Music Streaming App: Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Bandcamp….

I have a variety of music streaming apps and even pay for several monthly subscriptions to have uninterrupted listening and offline features. I won’t say any one of these is better than the others as they all offer vast catalouges. Whatever suits your fancy.

17. Twitter

Free (so entertaining, I don't know how it's STILL free)

Because honestly, what’s better than black twitter?

Because I have way more than (17) apps here are a few honorable mention apps in no particular order:







Grammarly (desktop app)

Doc Hub (desktop app)

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