#LifeHack: Why Every Leading Lady Needs a Leadership Table

Imagine a brunch, dinner, happy hour (or dance party in my case) with four to six individuals who inspire, motivate, and support you. These people at the table are YOUR people, the kindred spirits you get your push from. 

What does that table look like, who is sitting at the table, and more importantly WHY are they sitting at the table? These are the questions that I encourage all leading ladies to ask them selves. For what reason? Because these are the folks that make up YOUR leadership table. 

The concept of a leadership table is what I consider to be a #majorkey for EVERYONE, ladypreneur or not! Being able to identify the individuals who inspire you, and reasons why they do, enables you to formulate measurable benchmarks for the professional and personal qualities you wish to encompass.

More importantly, formulating a leadership table allows you to hone in on three aspects significant to overall growth as a BAWSE: 

1. It allows you to create an immediate source of inspiration:
Finding ways to gather inspiration and motivation on a daily basis is extremely important. In a professional culture dominated by competition, it’s easy to get discouraged if you’re not exposed to encouragement and positive vibes on the daily. A leadership table allows for you to create your own cup of inspiration that is easily accessible and tailored to YOU. 

2. It enables you to identify what type of leader you are/want to be:
When you can identify why you admire someone’s leadership style, it makes it easier for you to pinpoint the things Leader X does that inspires and motivates you. You don't need to be a duplicate of those who inspire you, but it helps to create the framework for type of leadership style you want to encompass. 

3. It helps you create a professional and personal standard for yourself:
Standards are extremely important to ensure that you stick to your anticipated goals. Your leadership table allows you to set standards for the caliber of individuals you look up to. Additionally, referring back to your table consistently allows you to reinforce this standard.

Perhaps, the most enjoyable thing about a leadership table is that ANYONE can sit at your leadership table. There are no guidelines regarding who you place at your table; it is a reflection of who you are and what you consider admirable.

I encourage everyone in our #youneedtribe community to carve out some time to sit down and create your own personal Leadership Table. What does yours look like tribe?