The Importance of Being Content with Being Alone, Despite the Constant Societal Desire to Be Connected

Forget FOMO: Disconnect and Reflect

As a young woman gingerly living in her twenties, one lesson that I have come to terms with is that time waits on no one. I’m that girl who has her schedule planned out months in advance and is content with crossing things off as they go.  However, in my few moments of silence my eyes are usually glued to my phone. It took an embarrassingly compulsive moment in time when I scrolled through Twitter for hours on a slow day, giggling at tweets I had read a half hour before while welcoming the beat the Twitter refresh pop sound made as I continued to pull. No new content. Soon, I closed the app and zoomed straight to Snapchat. Nothing caught my eye. I opened my text messages and I was greeted with virtual tumbleweed. It was in that moment that I questioned what my life had become.

Sadly, this is a common narrative for many people today consumed with remaining socially connected at all times.

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With the importance of mobile technology and social connectivity deeply ingrained in the minds of millennials, we have become accustomed to filling our precious moments throughout the day with likes, shares, Tweets, and a whole lot of groupthink.

When it comes to social connectivity, it is easy to get lost in the populated alternate reality. With technology fast becoming an extension of our hands, it is no secret that online profiles give us the ability to avoid the issues we’re tackling in our daily lives or even sidestep elements that may be difficult in a personal interaction. But, at what cost?

Unplug. Look up, admire the day, and find time to clear your mind.

Consider this: Instead of subconsciously ejecting yourself from your current environment, take advantage of the opportunity to foster meaningful thoughts, relations and connections offline.

Schedule solitude.

Being alone does not equate to being lonely. Because we live in such a fast paced world, we often forget to take a moment to step away from what complicates our lives and slow down. I used to schedule time during the week where I lit a candle, sipped some tea, and enjoyed some alone time. Taking the time to mentally recover from life's stressors is not just healthy, it's important.

Help improve concentration and increase productivity.

When taking some time to yourself without the constant bells and chimes of notifications, you’d be amazed at how much more you can get done when you’re not distracted. Lets face it. When we’re focused things get done faster, which gives you the opportunity to get more done. It’s fascinating, truly.

Discover yourself and find your voice.

It’s easy to let your voice be drowned out by the thoughts or opinions of large groups. When you’re left to your own devices, there are no louder thoughts than your own. This time can be used to think deeply about about the true state of your emotions, consider your problems and process them more effectively.

Take advantage of the opportunity to do what you actually want to do.

Want to soak in your bathtub while repeatedly singing along to all the songs on Queen Bey’s sixth #1 album ‘Lemonade’? Why not. In the mood to dust off that amazing book you’ve been planning to read for months? Go for it. It’s your time, so why not spend it doing the things that you truly want to do? In the few moments that you don’t need to catch up on work or worry about tomorrow, enjoy today.