10 Women Share What TRIBE Means To Them

As founder of TRIBE, I knew the time would come that I'd have to write an inaugural post. Although the vision is mine, nothing about TRIBE is about me, so it would make sense to include other women in this post, right? Yes, but not yet. Although tempting, I knew it would be a cop out if I'd only asked women what the word TRIBE means to them and didn't dig deep to answer the question for myself.

sooo....What is TRIBE?

TRIBE is we.

noun | \'trīb\

  1. a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.

I am a woman. Specifically, I am a Woman Of Color, A BLACK WOMAN. These two parts of my identity cannot be separated. My contemporaries and I stand on behalf of fierce, fearless, and faithful ancestors. We are linked to these women. We have blood ties. They set the standard for us as [her]story makers, trailblazers, game changers, and more. 

Although our social, economic, or religious ties may differ, we share a commonality in spirit. We see ourselves in one another, recognizing and honoring one another when others may not. We share a history of resilience and tenacity, bound by a language that sometimes only we understand, an unspoken dialect amongst sisters and friends. Holding each other accountable to living on purpose and earning the moment, we live by a simple code. We dream it. We work hard. We own it. 

Near or far, we are one. We are TRIBE.

I was inspired by my own TRIBE to open the doors and usher lost members back home. 


I asked members of my TRIBE what TRIBE meant to them. Check out their responses below: 


TRIBE is love and support. 

You can count on your TRIBE no matter what.  You know you have a tribe, when you feel safe and vulnerable at the same time. Your TRIBE is love, family & loyalty. 


TRIBE is my amazing support system.

They are my family, friends and partner who have my best interests at heart, and help me navigate life with grace and dignity. For years, I thought I could go throughout life without the help of others, but that’s untrue. Life is amazing and rewarding, but it’s also challenging and I’m not afraid to admit I need help sometimes. My TRIBE has helped personally, professionally and in many ways I’m unable to categorize. Simply said, my TRIBE is everything, and I only hope to give that love and compassion back to my TRIBE, and also spread it others. 



TRIBE is operating as a way of being in the world from the mindset that we can all win.

It is knowing that the woman in you is enough so you have no reason to be threatened or jealous of another woman's success. It is always striving to uplift, support, encourage, and check your sisters when necessary because you have their best interest at heart. It is pouring into other women and being poured right back into. It is having a great group of sisters to do life with. 



TRIBE is your support system.

I believe that having a support system is so important. Sometimes the vision is too big to achieve on your own. To me, tribe consists of those people that will not only listen to you when you have an idea but also constantly push you to achieve your goals.

A tribe is not only what everyone wants but also what everyone needs.

I know I’ve always wanted a "tribe" growing up. I wanted to be able to connect with like-minded individuals that could help me turn my visions into my reality. It's amazing how God then placed Maura in my life because she has created what I've always wanted to be apart of, a tribe.



TRIBE is the beautiful essence of reflection.

TRIBE is a circle of unity that holds space for collective excellence. In a single moment, we choose the foundation of our evolutionary path. At that moment, the TRIBE begins to form with a simple whisper of encouragement, the extension of a hand to hold, a nudge back into excellence when necessary, and a second set of shoes laced up and ready to dance in the sunshine as well as the rain. TRIBE is raw reality. TRIBE is our piece of the universe working in excellence to contribute to the greater of the whole.



TRIBE is a group of like-minded individuals who support you and spark your creativity.

My tribe consists of amazing black women from family members to best friends to colleagues who provide me with the motivation and positive energy I need to push forward. Your tribe can't just be the push when you're feeling great and like you can achieve the world, your tribe has to be able to provide you with that extra umph when times get tough. EVERY woman needs a tribe. Shout out to mines.


TRIBE is the life support to all your biggest dreams.

They hold you tight to their chest — and love you. They tell you it's okay. All their energy is focused on your next success and they remember every win.  They forgive every failure and remind you to push past the discomfort that you're feeling. They tilt your chin higher and say, "Look that way! This is how far you can go!" They say, "Go slay, bae. Go slay." And whether you like it or not they are your family. A tribe Is the life support to all your biggest dreams — and I know , for sure, that I would absolutely die without mine.


Tribe is an online community of women holding me accountable for my success.

I'm constantly fed with quotes, tips, and the inspirational Twitter chats that propel me forward in my own endeavors. 
Tribe is my piece of hope that let's me know if my Tribe is doing it, then so can I.


TRIBE is the people you call on when you need stuff done, prayer, a listening ear and unyielding support in all your endeavors.

They're there for you no matter how far away you may be and every time you speak to them you feel like you're right at home. A tribe provides the push needed to achieve any goal, while also making friends who can help along the way. This is why you need one. 


Tribe is creating a space for like-minded individuals to live, learn, love, and grow together.

Figure out who you are, what you're passionate about, and what you are purposed to share with others. Your vibe will then attract your tribe, and when you are aligned with your truth, only abundance will flow.